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Jennimyr by Carlito2517 Jennimyr by Carlito2517
This is Jennimyr, another character I submitted for 's contest to create new characters for her and MoCaW's Death Dealers story, which I was a winner of, yay me! Here's the rather verbose entry, sometimes when I start writing I just keep going and going...

Jennimyr Lonas
"Tormented knight"
Age: 23
Species: Lioness

Jennimyr's story is a complicated one but it starts simply enough - with her birth to a noble family from the western islands. Her father, a proud military man from a proud military family, wanted a son and was initially disappointed at having a daughter but he loved her nonetheless. Jennimyr was quite the tomboy growing up, always eager to please her father. He couldn't have been more proud than the day she told him that she wanted to follow in his footsteps to be a hero just like him.

The military order that he had been a part of was traditionally closed to females but he had another possibility in mind. Calling on some favors, he arranged for his daughter to enroll in the academy of the Order of the Silver Talon, an order of knights devoted to the service of good and the defense of the land, often by aggressively seeking out threats to it. Although their entrance requirements were quite strict, they made no discriminations based on gender.

Jennimyr was accepted into the academy based on her father's credentials as well as the meeting that she had with the elders. She exceeded all expectations while there, showing a strong affinity for the holy magics taught and practiced by the Order. In combat she compensated for her smaller size with spirit and tenacity, able to hold her own against any of the other initiates. After graduation she was offered a position with the Silver Talons who valued her magical prowess as well as her strength of spirit.

Jennimyr served with the Order for several years, being part of many crusades to vanquish evil and bring justice and peace to the land. During this time she developed feelings for another knight of the Order, a young man named Marcus Johanssen. Initially Marcus returned her affections but then he turned his attentions to a fair maiden that the Order rescued from the clutches of a marauding giant. Marcus expressed his fondness for Jennimyr, and his desire to remain good friends, but she never let go of her feelings for him. Jennimyr had an inherent distrust of the maiden, Neriah, but her suspicions were dismissed by both herself and others as mere jealousy.

In truth her suspicions were accurate, as Neriah was not what she appeared. For several years the Silver Talons had been in conflict with the sorcerer Sebastian Fiore, opposing him and his legions of undead and demon servitors at every turn. The hatred between the two sides was unrelenting, and the forces of the Silver Talon, often led my Marcus, thwarted many of the evil sorcerer's schemes.

Unable to crush the Silver Talons by force, Fiore used his knowledge of demonology to summon and bind a succubus. This demoness, Nazarra, was tasked with taking on a form that would be pleasing to Marcus and seducing him. Fiore would destroy his enemy from the heart, causing him to fall from grace, and if he were lucky, join him at the sorcerer's side.

Taking the form of an innocent, lovely peasant girl named Neriah, the demoness set out to do precisely that. Although Nazarra was able to gain Marcus's attention, it proved difficult to manipulate one such as him. She realized that she would have to show patience and subtlety in order to claim this prize. She spent over a year with the paladin, slowing winning his love. However, in the course of her seduction, the unthinkable happened. Nazarra had spent so much time pretending to love him and so much time pretending to be good and pure that her feelings became genuine. Being around Marcus and his truly good and noble soul had changed her. Nazarra had fallen in love with the paladin and knowing true love for the first time in her existence she found that she could no longer serve evil.

When summoned by Fiore to report on her progress she lied and told him that she nearly had the paladin swayed but that he was resistant to her lures. She promised success very soon. Fiore suspected that something was amiss but dismissed his concerns, deciding that if a demoness was being evasive with him then it was likely a sign that all was going according to plan, as what else would he expect from one such as her? Nonetheless, his patience was wearing thin, and he ordered her to lure Marcus away and into a trap so that he could proceed with a ritual undisturbed.

However, Nazarra would do no such thing. She betrayed her master, telling Marcus of Sebastian's plans to summon a powerful demon known as the Destroyer to lead his armies. She claimed that she had seen such in a vision and implored the paladin to trust her. He did without hesitation, following her to the secret mountain location where Fiore was performing his summoning ritual. After small skirmishes with minor demons and undead guards, the pair confronted Fiore.

Fiore was enraged, although not altogether surprised, that Nazarra had betrayed him. He used his magic to force Nazarra into her true form, revealing her true nature to Marcus. However, the paladin surprised them both. "Do you think me a fool, sorcerer?" he scoffed. "I have known of her origins and of your plan to ruin me for some time now. She talks in her sleep," he mocked. "But long ago the roots of good were planted, and have had plenty of time to grow. She is evil no longer, serves you no longer, and her past sins mean nothing to me now," he said as he drew his blade. "You have lost this day Fiore, your life will be the next thing you lose!" yelled the paladin as he began to charge.

In a furious rage Sebastian unleashed one of his most powerful spells, a hellish bolt of raw arcane power meant to obliterate the paladin. In a desperate act, Nazarra shoved Marcus aside as the bolt was launched, taking the deadly blast that was meant for her love. Dealt a mortal blow, she collapsed and died in Marcus's arms.

The paladin took not a second to mourn before leaping for Fiore. His attack, fueled by love and righteous fury, was almost more than the evil one could withstand, his spell causing a severe drain on him. He had faced an opponent in such a state before, and knew there would be no stopping him. Fiore used his magic to teleport away, abandoning his summoning ritual as a host of demons and the undead stormed into the room to cover his escape. Marcus fought and killed scores of them but in the end their sheer numbers would overwhelm him. The paladin was slain, but not before ruining the summoning circle, destroying powerful magics that had been left behind, and otherwise setting Fiore's plans back for what could be years.

However, unknown to all present, Nazarra was not destroyed by Fiore. Her physical body on this plane was destroyed, and as such her spirit should have been banished back to Hell. But her devotion, true love, and ultimate sacrifice would show that Hell no longer had a place for her. Yet, she could not ascend to a higher plane until she had fully atoned for her past sins. She was trapped as a disembodied spirit, able to see the world around her but unable to interact with it. She saw the man that she loved, the one who had delivered her from evil, slain before her eyes while unable to do anything about it. She knew that the only way she would see him again would be to join him in Heaven. But in order to do that she had to atone for her past, and to do that she would need a body.

As fate would have it, Jennimyr approached the cave where the ritual was to be held with caution. She had overheard the conversation between Neriah and Marcus and silently followed them, still not trusting in the "peasant girl". She had lost track of them in the mountains but the battle with demonic forces acted as a beacon to her senses. She entered the cave and stood aghast at the devastation. She sifted through the destruction and the remains of the demons and undead to find Marcus's body but she was too late to save his life. All she could do was to bless and consecrate his body so that it could not rise as one of the accursed undead, one victory that she was able to deny Fiore. As she held his body and wept among the carnage, her grief made her vulnerable.

Jennimyr awoke as if from a dream, kneeling over a fresh grave with a crude marker. She was several miles away from the mountains and had no idea how she had gotten there. She dismissed it as the pain of grief but over the next week or so she would awaken in a strange place with no memory of where she had been or how she had gotten there. Growing concerned, she sought the counsel of a seer to find what was wrong. She was shocked when he told her that she was possessed by a spirit but as the seer began the rite of exorcism she heard a familiar voice in her head, a voice she knew as Nariah.

"Please Jenna, hear my words," she pleaded. "I loved Marcus with all my heart, more than you could ever know. He saved me from oblivion and died to save others from the same. I want nothing but to be with him again, but to do that I will need your help..."

The succubus proceeded to tell Jennimyr of her desire to atone for her past sins and of her need for a body in order to do it. She pleaded with the paladin to allow her the opportunity to set her spirit to rest. The lioness was torn. Nazarra was a demon who had lied to her before, not to mention stole away the man she loved. But her inner spirit and magics told her that Nazarra's words were the truth and Jennimyr could sense no evil or malice from her. With a heavy heart and deep breath, she reached out and took the seer's arm, asking him to stop the exorcism. It was her duty to help those who seek redemption, no matter who they may be. Redeeming any soul was a great victory for the cause of good, the chance to redeem the soul of a demon was worth any cost. At least that's what she told herself.

Since then Jennimyr has been trying to teach Nazarra what it means to be "good", though the demoness seems to be a slow learner. When Nazarra sees an ideal opportunity to do good, she shoves Jennimyr aside and takes over. Invariably Jennimyr wakes back up with no idea what happened. Questions always lead to the answer of "Don't worry, I did a good deed," which just makes Jennimyr nervous. But Jennimyr keeps at it, she considers it her duty to assist Nazarra in her quest for redemption. She also knows in her heart that the love between her and Marcus was genuine and feels that the best thing she can do for the man she loves is to reunite him with the woman that he truly loves, as bitter as it may be. And the harder she works to help Nazarra do that, the sooner she'll be rid of her.

Both Jennimyr and the demoness who has posessed her have two things in common - their love for Marcus Johanssen and their hatred for the one who killed him, Sebastian Fiore. Nazarra thinks that ridding the world of his evil might be anough to grant her the atonement she seeks and pushes Jennimyr towards that end. Jennimyr doesn't object, regarding Fiore as a great evil that needs to be cleansed from the world as well as the one who killed her true love. Their travels take them along these two quests - Nazarra's quest for atonement and their mutual quest to destroy Fiore. Although she is technically still a member of the Silver Talons, Jennimyr rarely interacts with them. Although they too realize that the demon that possesses her is not truly evil, they find the idea of it abhorrent and treat her like a pariah.

Jennimyr is a skilled fighter, adept in the use of the sword and shield. She has knowledge of military tactics and customs and is trained in the healing arts. In addition to her combat skills, Jennimyr is very gifted in the use of holy magic. She can heal the wounds of others, protect herself or others with divine power, call upon various blessings and prayers to aid in combat against evil, and smite demons and the undead with holy power. She has divine insight into the nature of others and sometimes receives visions of things to come or wisdom from higher powers. Her willpower is exceptionally strong and it is nearly impossible to control or affect her mind through magical means unless she allows it.

Jennimyr is well-versed in the arts of diplomacy and other social graces, having come from a wealthy and upper class family. She can fit right in at any ball or other social function, provided Nazarra doesn't crash the party.

Jennimyr is possessed by the spirit of the demoness Nazarra, a succubus. Although Jennimyr's willpower and strength of spirit are enough to drive the demon out if she truly wanted to, she allows Nazarra's spirit to co-habitate her body willingly. Generally Jennimyr is in control of her own body, but if she falls asleep or loses her concentration Nazarra can take control. Jennimyr is unaware of what is happening when Nazarra has taken control of her body, and at best may remember what is happening as if in a dream - fuzzy and indistinct at best. However, Nazarra seems aware of what Jennimyr is doing at all times unless she herself is "sleeping". It is common for them to both be "awake" in Jennimyr's mind at the same time, with Jennimyr in control but Nazarra effectively in the back seat, along for the ride. When Jennimyr wakes up she instinctively takes control back, sometimes at a very inopportune time.

When Nazarra is in control she can still call upon Jennimyr's fighting abilities, as most of those are honed to an instinctive level and Nazarra knows enough about combat to make use of her skills. She obviously cannot call upon Jennimyr's divine powers, but she can use a number of hell-spawned ones, including pyrokinetic magic, the ability to cloud or control men's minds, and other magical abilities typically associated with demons.

Jennimyr is a dedicated knight in the service of the cause of good and the protection and defense of good people everywhere. She is fearless and determined in pursuit of these goals. She has a tendency to see the world as black or white and can be judgemental at times. She doesn't trust others easily, but once given, her trust and word are unyielding. She still harbors some feelings of jealousy and resentment towards Nazarra but tries her best not to let them get to her. If anything she's a bit boring - very proper and uptight. Her devotion to duty is such that she never takes time to relax and enjoy the world that she works so hard to protect.

When Nazarra takes control she becomes much more fun. Nazarra also tends to see the world in terms of black or white, but in a skewed way. To her, anything that isn't evil must be good by default. She tries to understand what it means to be "good" but for one birthed in hellfire and created to do evil, it's a lot to take in. It would be like presenting the complete works of Shakespeare to someone who has barely gotten through "see Spot run". She might take control of Jennimyr's body in order to destroy someone who has committed what she sees an evil act, even if it's something as petty as stealing an apple from a merchant's cart. She might also take over in order to accept a mission of great risk in an attempt to prove herself without much regard to the difficulty or consequences.

Nazarra has also been known to take control in order to act upon Jennimyr's repressed desires. For example, Jennimyr might be in attendance at a social gathering and see a man that she finds attractive, but being the chaste and proper sort that she is won't even speak to him. But then the next morning she'll awake in his bed. She has no idea how she got there, but she knows who's responsible. In Nazarra's mind the man isn't evil, so he must be good. So showing him a good time must be a good deed. She does try her best, but drives Jen half crazy in the process. Jen wonders sometimes if Nazarra understands more than she lets on, but feigns ignorance in order to take advantage of her.

Jennimyr is a chaste and devoted knight in the service of good, and as such holds herself to a vow of celibacy. Any desires she may have she keeps to herself, believing it to be a sin until she finds her proper husband. Nazarra, however, being a succubus, has a much more liberal attitude. She personally sees no problem with having a little fun, and in fact views it as a good act to bring joy to others. When she is in control of Jennimyr's body she definitely makes herself available. She has the opinion that if it feels good and nobody gets hurt, go for it. The "and nobody gets hurt" clause is a recent addition, a result of her desire to behave in a "good" fashion.

Jennimyr finds it hard to argue with her on the most simple and basic level. Unfortunately Nazarra's understanding of "good" is currently ON the simple and basic level. Jen has scolded Nazarra about what she does with her body when she's in control but the demoness just doesn't seem to get it. She insists that Jennimyr needs to lighten up and enjoy herself. At one point Nazarra, while in control of Jennimyr's body, got into a very heated and passionate round of lovemaking and then bailed out and put Jennimyr in the pilot seat just before the moment of climax. The lioness kept her dormant for weeks after that and nearly decided salvation be damned she was going to have her exorcised but relented when she realized that Nazarra was truly trying to help and be a friend to her, she just didn't understand how Jen would feel about such a thing. At one point Jennimyr slowly drifted back into awareness to find herself pleasuring herself in the bathtub. She immediately threw a fit at what Nazarra was doing but the demoness laughed and informed her that she relinquished control ten minutes ago. Recently Nazarra got Jennimyr to admit that she had fantasized about Marcus shortly after they met, which the demoness considers "great progress".

"I have stared into the face of Hell itself and found it wanting little man, your threats mean nothing to me."

"My quest to destroy Fiore isn't personal, he's an evil man who must be brought to justice for his crimes. It just happens that the only justice worthy of his acts is death."
[In Nazarra's voice:]
"Well maybe it's a little personal..."

"Oh gods, what did I do this time... and where are my clothes?"

"Judging by your crimes and character, I suspect that you will not give up without a fight. Actually, I'm hoping on it."

"Nazarra, I swear to all that's holy, if I EVER wake up tied to a bed while two different men lick honey off of my naked body again I WILL kill you, even if I have to slit my own throat to do it!"
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Poor girl, absolutely gorgeous but the only time a guy gets to be loved by her is when this demon takes over, so she awakens to not knowing whether it was good with him or not. That's kinda sad, lovely pic though, and well drawn. I could find myself loving her with no hangups.
Carlito2517 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010   Digital Artist
Ha it was actually meant to be comical, kind of an odd couple scenario. Except instead of sharing an apartment, they're sharing a body.
jboweruk Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
I guess it is when you look at it that way.
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:+fav: for sure!
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Yeah I actually took some of the design from WoW (I play it a lot myself)
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