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Another RPG character. I do have some that wear clothes, but this isn't one of them.

Nazena is a harpy, a warrior bard naturally, from a game with a jungle-like setting. The rolling hills, lush forests, and orcs of your typical European-based campaign were traded for hot, steamy, tropical jungles full of ancient ruins, forgotten places, and vicious yuan-ti that were thought defeated long ago, but perhaps not after all. These harpies certainly bore a physical resemblance to the "classic" ones but lacked the full power of their hypnotic song as well as a few other changes to make them playable. Since the game was set in a jungle setting with a vaguely Aztec-like background I based Nazena around a combination of tropical birds and Aztec imagery rather than the traditional Greek variety. Being from an all-female society located in the depths of a sweltering jungle modesty was never even a consideration for her, she considers this formal wear.

Her own tribe wasn't as reclusive as most of the others and would on occasion trade with neighboring human settlements. It was from these interactions that Nazena first heard tales of the great places beyond her tribe's territory at which point wanderlust began to set in. When a group came through looking for clues as they investigated what might be a resurgent cult of the long dead dark god of the yuan-ti she ended up leaving with them. The game didn't really last very long but Nazena was a lot of fun. She had her own way of looking at things and was pretty quirky but could be really vicious just as easily. Her bright colors, quirky personality, and habit of being naked most of the time made people forget that she was from an amazon warrior race that was usually just as likely to shred outsiders with their talons as talk to them. Definitely on the "would like to play again" list.
So I don't really upload anything here anymore do I? I guess with this being a new year I can maybe change that, I suppose this is as good a place to start as any because hey, nudity! This is another RPG character, Eilizeta, a drow sword dancer of Eilistraee. Eilizeta was born in the underdark to a noble family of middling importance in drow society whose name she no longer remembers. They were secure enough in their position, always striving for something more, but lacking the power to make anything significant happen. This constant state of mediocrity led to frustration and discontent within the family, even more so than in most drow houses. When Eilizeta was only a year old her mother and aunt conspired together to kill their mother and lay claim to the house, as is the tradition among the drow. This union went over as well as one would expect, and the two sisters were at each others' throats within the year, both figuratively and literally. Eilizeta's aunt would prove the victor, killing Eilizeta's mother and taking sole control of the house. She ordered one of her handmaidens to execute the infant Eilizeta in order to purge the family line of the weakness of the lesser half, but unknown to the new matron her handmaiden was secretly a priestess of the drow goddess Eilistraee, outcast and patron deity of those drow who yearn to reject the rule of Lolth, return to the surface, and reconcile with the elven folk. She used her contacts to secret Eilizeta away to the surface and into the custody of an enclave of elven druids and other naturalists who cared not about her origins, telling the matron that the deed had been done. Unconcerned with such a trivial detail the new matron never bothered to look into the matter and never gave her niece a second thought.

Eilizeta was raised by this druidic enclave, far away from the influence of the underdark. She learned of their ways instead of those of her home, mostly unaware of drow society save the tales she occasionally heard from her adoptive family. From time to time her adoptive mother, the priestess who had liberated her from the underdark, would return to the surface to meet with others of her order and to pay her adoptive daughter a visit. Though the two did not get to see each other often they remained close. A few years ago the priestess brought news of the dancing maiden of shadows Eilistraee, patron of those drow who wished to turn from Lolth and seek peace with their surface-dwelling kin. Eilizeta was already of the same mindset and became an eager convert. Though her love of the forests and the lands beneath the stars didn't fade, she added to it a greater love of the arts, beauty, song, dance, and swordplay, something she particularly excelled at. In time she was taken on as a sword dancer, the priestesses of Eilistraee devoted to leading the charge to liberate those oppressed by the drow and forging peaceful relations with the surface folk.

Eilizeta (Ellie to her friends) is kind at heart, quick with her wit, and very open towards those she considers friends. She is however a bit more militant than some others, a result of her role within the worship of Eilistraee. While she believes in the power of peace and love, she knows there are some enemies of these ideals that can only be overcome through the use of blade and magic, and she doesn't hesitate to do so. To say she isn't shy is an understatement, like most followers of the dancing maiden she prefers to go naked whenever possible, a sign of deference to her deity as well as a dedication to the belief that all she needs is her faith and her sword. And besides, she'll admit if pressed, it's fun.


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Sooo.... After about two and a half years of inactivity on here I've finally gotten around to updating this thing. Over the next couple days I'll be uploading stuff, almost all of which is reposts from FA but hey, now it's here too. And there will be a thing or two that haven't shown up there. That's all for now I suppose.
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